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How to use your resources

We have worked with professional ABA experts and parents to build a great pool of resources that will help you on your way as you implement a home program with your child.

If you are a first time user some of the resources will have new and unfamilar titles, but do not worry because each of the sections have a ‘Guide for Use’ which explains how to use the resource with real life examples demonstrated.

When you begin a home programme you are being asked to behave somewhat like a scientist. You are required to define your terms, select your measurements, and design your intervention. But all of this is not complete if you do not collect data on what you are doing. Without your data you will not be empowered.

Each resource has a practical and in many cases fun application, but these are the tools that will help you understand and work with your child’s condition.

Remember, each video section within the ABA program section will guide you to the relevant resource that you will require.  As you becoming more familar with the science and techniques the resources can simply and easily be accessed through this section of the website.

To get started simply click on the relevant category, read the guide and start downloading.

All resources are in pdf format so you will require Adobe Acrobat on your computer to download.