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How it works

Simple Steps Autism using the proven science of ABA

 Firstly, it’s important to understand the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how it can be applied toward autism in children.
In our interviews and reading material, you will see parents and professionals explain the process and highlight real-life examples.

8 Steps – Watch, Learn, Apply…

When you’re ready to begin, you’ll find 8 steps waiting for you.

8 Steps

Click ABA Program and launch the 8 Step Sequence

Video Explanations

Watch the visual guide that explains the science

Technical Guide

Read and download more about (ABA) and its benefits


100% of resources to download for practical application at home

Terms Explained

Visit our great jargon buster for the new terms you will learn.
Step 1:  What is Simple Steps Autism Step 2:  Listen to parent stories Step 3:  Introducing Assessment and Diagnosis & Introducing ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Step 4:  Understanding Behaviour Step 5:  Measuring Behaviour Step 6:  Increasing Behaviour and Teaching New Skills Step 7:  Working with Problem Behaviours Step 8:  Decreasing Behaviour We recommend you complete each step in the correct sequence at least once. It will be tempting to jump straight into the area of autism which affects your child most, but it’s very important  to understand all of the issues before you begin your journey. Once you’re subscribed, you’ll be guided through interviews, practical therapy sessions, videos, and animations, which will demonstrate the most appropriate way to work with, and analyse, the behaviour of your child. By measuring behaviours you will be able to measure success (and failure), and introduce fresh challenges at the right time.

This journey is demanding but by joining the Simple Steps Autism community you’ll never be alone and you have the chance to make a real difference.

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