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Autism Training & Coaching For Professionals

Autism training for professionals in healthcare organizations, early intervention providers, charities, schools, universities and independent practitioners. Simple Steps is a multimedia tool offering hope to parents dealing with autism in children. It’s designed by professionals, and enhanced by feedback from parents:

1.    Train others in research-based interventions
2.    Find out how professionals/organisations/students can use the product
3.    Bulk discounts for professionals/Organisations
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Train others in research-based interventions

Our partner professionals have been using and constantly developing the Simple Steps Autism product to take the first steps in introducing parents to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) as a treatment for autism – helping parents understand and work with autism in children. Resources are continually being updated and are at your finger tips:

  • Supporting Professional Advice from behaviour specialists
  • Animated tutorials explaining the therapy in easy to understand language
  • Real-life video examples of the therapy in action
  • Video training showing how to do it yourself
  • Resources – materials so the parent can record results and monitor progress.
  • We are building our online community – parents and professionals.
  • Simple Steps aims to keep updated with regular new features.  This could take the form of an animation, film, download, webinar or other resources.  We are developing these add-ons based on parent feedback, but our professional partners will give us important feedback on how we can make it work for you.

Find out how Professionals/ Organisations/Students can use Simple Steps

Simple Steps can help professionals provide instant support to families coping with Autism.  It can be used:

  1. Within your current ABA programs
  2. As an option within the support you offer to parents
  3. For professional training and coaching in-house
  4. For student Training

Our Core Training covers:

Stage 1:  What is Autism; Assessment and Diagnosis; Introducing ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)

Stage 2:  Understanding Behaviour; Increasing Behaviour and Teaching New Skills; Working with Problem Behaviours; Decreasing Behaviour.

Stage 3:  Measuring Behaviour; Implementing a program; Giving Practical Examples

Bulk discounts for professionals/Organisations

Autism training for professionals. Find out how Health Trusts, managed healthcare organizations, early intervention providers, Autism Charities, School programs, Universities and independent practitioners are using Simple Steps to enhance their autism programs.
Bulk-license discounts can be negotiated with Simple Steps to allow you to give access to multiple employees or parents.  

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Simple Steps Autism, using the science of ABA, is an ideal starting-point for improving the lives of children and families.By subscribing to Simple Steps Autism, you’re joining an international community of parents and professionals working together to deliver effective, scientifically-
proven interventions for autism in children.

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