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Parent Autism Stories with Simple Steps Autism

Parents discuss how Simple Steps Autism helped to change the behaviour and improve learning of their children with autism using the proven science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). 

Parent Stories

“Knowledge of ABA has empowered me to help my son overcome challenges and acquire new skills. Our relationship is now strong and we have a much improved quality of life since we communicate well and socialise more.”
Marie McCrory

Parent Stories

“We embarked on an intensive home-based programme, funded by ourselves, and with the help of the PEAT charity.For some 30 to 35 hours a week we worked with our son, teaching him such basics as how to put a couple of words together to make a sentence and how to recognise different colours. So quick was the progress in these fields that within three or four months Patrick had started on more academic based subjects such as arithmetic and writing. His IQ, previously assessed at 75, jumped to 99.5, an average score, within just five months.”
Karen Gallagher

Parent Stories

"ABA is helping our son make the transition to independent learning and the wider social world, with assistance from the student disability service. I cannot imagine where Cillian would be now if we hadn’t met Mickey and with his help made those first ‘simple steps’
Lyn McKerr