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Applied Behaviour Analysis, the Science of Behaviour applied to Autism

Simple Steps Autism is based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), the applied branch of a science called Behaviour Analysis, which is the science of behaviour. Each child with autism is different and the scientific methods used in ABA allow us to maximise each child’s potential by allowing us to assess the effectiveness of how we teach and what we teach.

ABA is NOT a therapy for autism. This is an extremely important starting point because often you will find that education and health authorities are not familiar with ABA and they describe it as, simply, one of a number of therapies for autism. This would be like saying Medical Science is only one of a number of treatments for illnesses.

Like any other science, there is a need for extensive training at university level before you can call yourself a Behaviour Analyst, but Simple Steps Autism gives you the first steps to understanding how to use the science of ABA for autism and the first steps to becoming a parent-therapist with this self-help teaching tool.

The Science of Behaviour Analysis and Autism

When ABA is used toward autism there have been some remarkable results. Behaviour Analysts have published hundreds of research papers in the area of autism and it is for this reason that ABA is regarded as the only scientifically validated treatment for autism.

Listen to our experts as they explain the science of Behaviour Analysis:  Dr Mickey Keenan, Dr Karola Dillenburger and Neil Martin as they introduct you to autism and ABA through our Step 3 video section.

ABA experts introduce you to the science of ABA, but they also talk about coming to terms with a diagnosis of autism.

How Can It Help?

Only methods based on science should be used to educate children with autism. 

Using ABA as an intervention for autism in children has shown significant results over the years from helping children successfully move into main stream education, improve social and communication skills, decreasing problem behaviours  and empowering parents to help their children and their families to live a happier life.

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