Simple Steps Autism

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Why Simple Steps?

The Online Teaching Platform for the treatment of Autism

Simple but effective tools based on the proven science of ABA

Simple Steps Autism is a multimedia tool offering hope to parents dealing with autism in children. It’s designed by professionals, and enhanced by feedback from parents. 

Simple Steps and Autism

Simple Steps Autism does not claim to be a cure – it is a tool for helping parents and their children cope with autism.

Simple Steps Autism is based on the proven science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

ABA is the science of behaviour, and provides us with an understanding of how we learn and the tools that can be used to teach. Many studies have been carried out proving that ABA can help children with autism. In fact, ABA is the most scientifically validated treatment for autism and uses only evidence-based practice.

Why you should choose Simple Steps

Once you know you can do something for your child’s autism, you want to do it now. There is no quick fix but you can take your first step with Simple Steps Autism today, and it is available 24/7.

We will start your journey with learning about Autism, how it is assessed and diagnosed. You will come to an understanding of what is involved, what you will need to do and why.

The journey then moves to the science of ABA (Check out the “What is ABA” section) and how you can use it to help your child and the whole family. You can use this knowledge to help understand why your child behaves the way they do, and what you can do about it. By understanding your child’s behaviour, and changing yours you could help your child;

  • let you know what they need and want
  • develop closer relationships with family and friends
  • get out into the community and be a part of it

Many of our team members have first-hand experience of autism in their own families.  We also work closely with behaviour specialists and the parent-run charity PEAT (who are part of our board), as such we have an in-depth understanding of the issues you face.

What Simple Steps can do for you

Professionally designed video tutorials and instructions given by experts in the field of ABA as applied to autism. These videos are supported with online resources including a glossary of scientific terms, Downloadable materials are also available. These materials are the same as used by experts, allowing you to record your progress and the progress of the child with autism.

Simple Steps aims to keep updated with new features. This could take the form of an animation, film, download, or other resources.  We will develop these add-ons based on your feedback, making sure Simple Steps Autism works for you by letting us know at

Taking your first step

To gain access to Simple Steps click here to buy now

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