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This is the course is aimed at EuroBA-T -level study. The purpose of this course is to help you to in your quest to achieving a sufficient level of ABA knowledge and associated skills. This course comprises four sections, Learn, Practice, Test, and Feedback, to help you monitor your own learning process by giving you insight into which knowledge areas are at sufficient, and which are at insufficient level and may need some extra learning and/or practice. This is particularly important because the course offers large amounts of information. This course will help you to (visually) organise materials, see related concepts, make meaning connections with the materials, and functionally interact with all materials. The course is structured in 9 sections. Each section of EuroBA-T course as four parts: Learn, Practice, Test, and Feedback.

  • Learn: This takes place when you work through the relevant section of the EuroBA-T course. You should make sure that you understand all the text and videos, and, if necessary, read or watch them again;
  • Practice: Each section requires you to engage in a practical exercise. These exercises have been carried out with many classes at various universities and professional and parent training courses. To get the full benefit of EuroBA-T course training, it is important that you do not just read these exercises and imagine what it would feel like, but that they actually do these exercises. We all learn best by doing.
  • Test: Each section requires you to complete a Quiz that needs to be completed with at least 80+% accuracy before the next Section becomes available.
  • Feedback: Once you have completed the Quiz, there will be a display of the % of correct answers you gave in the Quiz. If your Quiz result is below 80% you will be guided back to the beginning of the section. You should work through the Section again and hopefully improve your Quiz results. You will be able to continue only after receiving 80+% in the Quiz (there is an escape button in case you want to skip the Quiz). When you complete all Quiz questions, there will be a certificate of completion displaying your personal % grade with your name on it. You will be able to print this out.